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Summertime heat is a real issue for our bodies. Do you have headaches, nausea, or feel like you are going to pass out? Do your muscles feel tight or are you just tired all the time? First make sure you are not dehydrated by drinking plenty of water! If you are not dehydrated, these symptoms are sometimes caused by excessive heat in our heart and lungs which can be helped by a simple meridian treatment described in the video below.

Excessive heat is created by going from air conditioned homes, to outside extreme temperatures, back to air conditioned cars and so on throughout the day. We may even direct a fan or an air conditioner vent directly on our body to help cool us off! These extreme shifts in temperatures and wind upset the balance of our body. Dr. Xiao has created this short video to demonstrate a technique you can use to try and rebalance your heart and lung meridian channels.

Once you have completed the treatment described, you should feel a clearing of the eyes and an increase in energy. You will also sleep better during the night. It is also recommended that you do not sleep directly under a fan or vent. Make sure all fans and vents are defused around the room and not directly pointed at you! This will help with your summer fatigue.


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