Our Staff

(Left to Right – Toni, Ashley, Dr. Xiao, Willy, and Jean)


Front Desk:  Ashely and Toni

Massage Therapists:  Willy, Jean and Maria (not pictured)

Assistant Instructor:  Mary Lea

Mary Lea is an internationally recognized Tai Chi and Qi Gong teacher. Over the years, she has taught Tai Chi and Qi Gong to thousands of people in the USA, Middle East, North Africa, Arabian Gulf Countries, Sri Lanka and India.

Mary Lea received her training from two Shaolin monks. For six years, she was the only student of Master, Dr. Chin Hu Shu, the top published mathematician in America during the 1960’s. Since 2002, her Master has been Grandmaster, Dr. Pu Quan Xiao, 63rd generation Shaolin monk, a Traditional Chinese Medicine Doctor and owner of Yangtze Medical Center.

Mary Lea has a Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do and is a Movement Therapist. She was a Conditioning Coach for the USA Men’s Olympic Wrestling Team, University of Iowa’s men’s athletic teams and professional football players.

Mary Lea found her life passion, purpose and fulfillment working with students in uniting ancient Chinese teachings with holistic practices to enable everyone to live a healthier and more enlightened life.



Upcoming Events

The following Classes and Seminars are currently scheduled.

New Patient Classes:
September 30, 2017 – 9:30-Noon
October 21, 2017 – 9:30-Noon
December 9, 2017 – 9:30-Noon

Qi Gong Class (12 Weeks):
September 6 – November 29
Wednesdays – 5:30-6:30 pm

Seminars (9am-1pm):
October 7, 2017 – Heart/Lung/Immune System
November 18, 2017 – Kidney/Hormone Balancing

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